IMU Graduate Fellowship Program Breakout for 2023

IMU Graduate Fellowship Program Breakout for 2023

The International Medical University IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program is now accepting applications. In the following paragraphs, we will go through the specifics of this scholarship program, including its advantages and the application procedure in sequential order.

International students are eligible to apply for fully supported PhD scholarships through the IMU Breakthrough Graduate Fellowship Program 2022-2023. The International Mathematical Union Scholarship has a value of up to a maximum of USD 10,000 each year and covers tuition price, living expenses, lodging, and travel expenses.

Students from developing nations who are highly motivated and mathematically skilled and who have plans to complete their doctoral degrees in a developing country, including their own home country, are eligible to be nominated for this award by professional mathematicians.

Candidates need to demonstrate a history of academic excellence and an intense interest in conducting research or teaching in the field of mathematics in order to be considered for the position.

It is the expectation of the donors, the International Mathematical Union, and The Friends of the International Mathematical Union that the fellowship will assist in the education of the subsequent generation of mathematicians, and that it will hopefully result in extended benefits being brought to the home countries of those who are chosen for the fellowships.

Scholarship Quick summary

  • Study level: PHD
  • Institute(s): International Mathematical Union
  • Studying in: Any country
  • Focus Areas: Mathematics
  • Program Runtime: 4 years
  • Deadline: May 31, 2022

Covering Scholarships

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program grants can cover up to a maximum of USD 10,000 per year:

  • Tuition in full
  • expenditures for lodging
  • Expenses associated with getting to and from the host institution (if different from the home country)
  • Basic living expenses, which will be determined by the cost of living in the nation where the student will pursue his or her PhD studies.

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet all of the following conditions to be considered for the IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program:

  • English is a required language.
  • All countries in the world are eligible.
  • Students are unable to apply for the fellowship on their own.
  • Mathematicians who work in the field (including those who have superannuated, but continue to mentor young students). It is preferable if the nominee has received mentoring from the nominator.
  • The student must be a citizen of a developing country and a resident of that country.
  • The student must either be accepted into a PhD program in a university or research institution located in a developing nation in the first academic year following their selection, or already be enrolled in a doctoral program in a university or research institution based in a developing country.
  • The student has no age restrictions.
  • Women students are especially encouraged to submit nominations.
  • The fellowship will be awarded for one year at a time and will be renewable annually based on the awardee’s satisfactory progress. The fellowship will end when the awardee completes the PhD program or four years, whichever comes first.

How to I apply for an IMU Breakthrough Graduate Fellowship?

To apply for the IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program, please follow the instructions below:

(1) Create an account on the Platform of the International Mathematical Union.

(2) Click here to see the Online Application Form.

Prepare the following materials for the selection procedure: (Only PDF files are allowed to be uploaded.)

  • Nominator’s Statement
  • A scanned copy of the student’s (nominee’s) passport is attached.
  • Letter indicating pre-acceptance into the PhD program.
  • A complete expense budget has been asked.
  • CV of a PhD supervisor.
  • Project for research.
  • Two letters of recommendation, none of which can be written by the nominator.
  • Transcripts of the student’s coursework (certified copies (e.g. stamped by the university)):
  1.  A bachelor’s degree in science or its equivalent is required.
  2.  A master’s degree in science or its equivalent.
  • CV of the nominee
  • Nominee motivating letter, research project, and student future plans
  • Declaration of the nominator.
  • Declaration of the PhD Supervisor.
  • Declaration of the nominee (student).


Please visit the official website of the IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program for additional information:



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