25 Best Foreign Government Scholarships for Students.

25 Best Foreign Government Scholarships for Students.

Developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and many European countries provide government-funded scholarships to excellent international students from all over the world as part of their commitment to international Foreign development cooperation and education internationalization.


Scholarships Offered by the United States Government «

Fulbright Foreign Student Program
International students from 155 countries across the world are eligible to apply for full scholarships through the Fulbright Program in order to study a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the United States. Non-degree postgraduate studies are also eligible for the scholarships. The program provides funding for the student’s tuition, textbooks, travel, a stipend for living expenses, and medical insurance. Every year, around 1,800 students are given financial aid in the form of scholarships.

Program of Fellowships in Honor of Hubert H. Humphrey
Through the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, seasoned professionals from nations that have been pre-selected are awarded the opportunity to spend a year in the United States pursuing professional development opportunities. The fellowship will cover expenses such as school fees, living expenses, accident and health insurance, and travel costs, among other things. A total of around two hundred Fellowships are given out each year.

Scholarships Offered by the UK and British Commonwealth Governments «

Chevening Scholarships of the United Kingdom
Outstanding students from nations across the world that are qualified for Chevening Scholarships are selected to receive funding through the Chevening Scholarship program, which is run by the United Kingdom government. The majority of awards are for a Master’s degree that only takes one year to complete. The majority of Chevening Scholarships include funding for tuition costs, a living stipend at a predetermined rate (for one individual), round-trip economy class flights to the United Kingdom, and supplementary awards to meet critical expenditures. There are over 1500 scholarship opportunities available across the world.

Scholarships provided by the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth Fund for Developing Commonwealth Countries
Students from developing Commonwealth nations who are interested in pursuing their Master’s or Doctoral degrees in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships. As well as airfare to and from the UK, tuition and examination costs, a stipend for living expenses (if applicable), and an allowance for your first few days in the country are all part of each scholarship package. Every year, around three hundred of these scholarships are given out to deserving students.

Scholarships Offered by the European Government «

The Dutch territory

Orange Knowledge Programme
For the Orange Knowledge Programme, the development of capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and organizations is a primary goal, both in the sphere of higher and vocational education as well as in other relevant fields. A number of shorter courses (lasting anywhere from two weeks to a year) and master’s programs (lasting anywhere from 12 to 24 months) are eligible for financial aid in the form of scholarships. The OKP scholarship is designed to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive while you are pursuing your education in the Netherlands. For example, you may be eligible for a living allowance to help cover the expense of your education and other necessities. If there is a difference between the real costs and the amount of the OKP scholarship, the recipient of the scholarship is responsible for paying the difference.

Scholarships Available to Students From Outside the EU and EEA in Holland

Students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to pursue their bachelor’s or master’s degrees at one of the Dutch research universities or universities of applied sciences in Holland are eligible for the Holland Scholarship, which is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is funded by the Dutch government. The sum of the scholarship is 5,000 Euros.


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Scholarships for International Students from the Government of Flanders in the Master Mind Program
The Government of Flanders has announced the creation of a brand new scholarship program called Master Mind Scholarships. The initiative’s primary objective is to encourage the globalization of higher education in Flanders. Up to 45 meritorious master’s students from any country in the world are selected to receive scholarships from this organization. A scholarship with a maximum value of €8,000 will be offered to the student who will be entering the program. The applicant might be required to pay the Flemish Host Institution a tuition cost of up to €109 every academic year.

Scholarship Program offered by VLIR-UOS

An English-taught training or master’s program in development is available to students from 31 developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through VLIR-UOS scholarships. The scholarships will cover the cost of tuition, as well as provide lodging, a stipend, and help with travel and other program-related expenses.


Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in Development-Related Subjects Offered by the DAAD
Scholarships are made available by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to attend a variety of postgraduate programs offered by German universities that have a focus on issues that are particularly pertinent to developing nations. In particular, the scholarships are aimed for international students and young professionals from developing nations in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, Central and South America, and Central and Eastern Europe.. A range of full and partial scholarships are available through the DAAD to support a selection of academic programs.


Excellence Scholarships Offered By The Swiss Government
Graduates from over 180 countries are given the chance to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research in any academic field of their choosing at one of Switzerland’s publicly financed universities or recognized institutions thanks to the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. A monthly stipend, tuition costs, medical insurance, and a portion of the student’s living expenses are all covered by the scholarship.


Scholarships for International Professionals Offered by the Swedish Institute
Scholarships to study full-time for a master’s degree in Sweden are made available by the Swedish Institute to exceptionally qualified overseas students from developing countries who choose to do so at Swedish universities. This scholarship will cover your tuition costs, as well as your living expenses, some of your travel costs, and your insurance. There are approximately 335 scholarships available.


Scholarships Offered by the Danish Government to Students Who Are Not Members of the EU or EEA
It is the policy of the Danish Ministry of Education to make available, on an annual basis, a number of scholarships to highly qualified and self-motivated international students who are not citizens of a member state of the EU or EEA and who intend to enroll in a full-time higher education program at one of the participating Danish universities. The scholarship may take the form of a fee waiver for all or part of the recipient’s tuition costs, as well as grants to help cover living expenses.


Scholarships Offered by the Italian Government to International Students
Scholarships to study in Italy are given out by the Italian government to citizens of other countries as well as to Italian citizens living in other countries. The scholarships can be used for college degrees, advanced vocational training, courses in art and music, Masters Degree courses, PhD courses, and so on. Scholarships for periods of three, six, or nine months are the only ones for which applications can be submitted.


Scholarships for Excellency Awarded by Eiffel
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs came up with the idea for the Eiffel scholarship program in order to provide French higher education institutions with a mechanism that would enable them to recruit the most talented international students for master’s and doctoral degree programs. Eiffel scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend, as well as other costs such as travel, health insurance, and cultural events. It does not pay for the cost of tuition.

Scholarships Offered by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand «

Scholarships and Awards bestowed by AustraliaThe Australia Awards Scholarships, which were originally known as the Australia Development Scholarships (ADS), are awards given to overseas students from certain countries in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Middle East who have the ambition to pursue higher education at one of Australia’s universities. The scholarships can be applied toward vocational education and training programmes, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and PhD degrees at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions in Australia. Most scholarships cover all of the following expenditures: full tuition, roundtrip airfare, a stipend for living expenses (CLE), health insurance for international students, and so on.

Scholarships for International Postgraduate Research Studying in Australia

Through the International Postgraduate Research Scholars (IPRS) program, international students are given the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate research qualification in Australia while also working alongside prominent Australian researchers. The duration of the scholarships is two years for students pursuing a Master of Arts by Research degree and three years for those pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy by Research degree. The scholarship will cover the costs of both tuition and health insurance. Each year, scholarships in the amount of about 330 are given out.

Scholarships to study abroad in New Zealand’s tertiary institutions

International students from developing countries in the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Commonwealth countries, have the chance to study in New Zealand thanks to the New Zealand International Scholarships program. The goal of the program is for students to acquire knowledge and skills through post-graduate study in certain subject areas that will assist in the development of their home country. The scholarships cover the cost of tuition, as well as travel and living expenses, as well as provide insurance.

Scholarships Offered by the Government of Asia «


Scholarships Offered by the Japanese Government
Under the auspices of the Japanese Government Scholarship Program, the Japanese government will provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students from other countries who are planning to pursue their education in Japan at one of the country’s universities. The scholarships provide a stipend in addition to covering tuition and transportation expenses.


Scholarship Program for Taiwan’s Higher Education Institutions
The International Higher Education Scholarship Program of the Taiwan International Children’s Development Foundation (TaiwanICDF) aims to assist partner developing nations in achieving sustainable development through the use of education. The Taiwan International Children’s Development Foundation (TaiwanICDF) sponsors students to pursue higher education and has collaborated with illustrious Taiwanese universities to offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. Each individual who is awarded a scholarship from the TaiwanICDF is given a complete scholarship, which includes round-trip airfare, lodging, tuition and credit fees, insurance, the cost of textbooks, and a monthly stipend.


Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in Turkey Awarded to International Students
The Türkiye Graduate Scholarship Program is designed for high-achieving students from countries all over the world who are interested in continuing their education in Turkey at the postgraduate level. The scholarship consists of a monthly stipend, full tuition price, a free one-year course in Turkish language, free living in a state-run dormitory, free round-trip airfare, and health insurance.


Award Given to International Graduates from Singapore
The Singapore International Graduate Award is presented to international students who have achieved outstanding academic results in their undergraduate and/or master’s programs and who have a strong interest in conducting research that will lead to a doctorate (PhD) in Science and Engineering at a university in Singapore. The award provides financial support for up to four years of doctoral studies and covers all tuition fees, in addition to providing a monthly stipend, a settlement allowance, and a grant for flights.

Hong Kong

Scholarships for Doctoral Students in Hong Kong
The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme is an initiative that was launched in 2009 by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) with the intention of encouraging exceptional students from all over the world to pursue their doctoral studies at one of Hong Kong’s educational institutions. The duration of the Fellowship is up to three years, during which time the recipient will receive a conference and research-related travel allowance in addition to a monthly stipend.